MAAKRI quarter

Location: Tallinn
Type: Office quarter
Client: Maakri Kvartal OÜ
Project: 2009-2018
Building: 2012-2018
Gross floor area: 36 000 m²
Ars Projekt role: Architecture and Interior architecture
Leading architect: Rasmus Tamme
Project architect: Kristjan Männigo
Project interior architect: Rene Safin
Project manager: Alo Kaste
Project team: Rasmus Tamme, Kristjan Männigo, Kaido Areda, Ülle-Evelin Eelma, Jaanus Saarepera, Ats Buddell, Rene Safin, Andrei Pleskatšjov, Joonas Saan, Kristina Oolu, Kristel Puksand

The existing buildings in the Maakri quarter were built at different times both on the quality of the heritage and on the basis of occasional necessity. The new building volumes that were added are geometrically simple and situated with angled setback from the Väike-Pääsuke and Tornimäe street - creating new wider entrance squares on those streets and the orthogonal yard. This was made possible by the much less realization of construction right.

Analyzing the quarter, we realized that it is important to increase the share of public space and its quality with greenery and high-quality materials, to continue the characteristic mix of different houses. In a set of finishing materials, we wanted to continue the aesthetics of the former leather factory.

Preserved heritage-protected buildings have been reconstructed and upgraded with the style that matches with the building, such as adding limestone sockets to the street fronts and courtyard, where it adds dignity to the building. Existing facades are painted according to the Tikkurila Helsinki Värit Catalog. Partially, the houses were demolished but have been rebuilt with a new facade that reuses bricks from demolition and the style of the era. To provide a visual touch of the 30-storey building, the facade is designed as a "glass skin", which is represented by an overlay on the facade in the front and courtyard facades.

To create the character of the building and to emphasize the verticality, the discrete strip light solution was created for the high-rise building that also acts as the building's logo and is applied in info-graphics.

Maakri Quarter has been named as nominee for Cultural Endowment for Architecture in 2019.